Revolutionising the way people in technology are recruited.

Our solutions have evolved from a team’s passion to shift the mindset of organisations from the traditional talent and people management frameworks to a forward-thinking one, whilst simultaneously supporting technologists with their career challenges.

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What We Do

Our desire to truly help the technology industry through the current COVID impact and beyond has turned our dreams into reality. We have created a bespoke and completely fresh approach to serving our technology industry through these new challenges developing an unparalleled, end-to-end solution for Technology Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and a wealth of resources to support you as an individual to achieve your full potential, throughout your career, alongside our existing exclusive recruitment business.
With a cost-effective and flexible pricing solution for both individual technologists and partnering tech businesses, we can provide huge value for a fraction of the expected price. 

Whether you are searching for a new job opportunity… or you are a technology enterprise that needs end-to-end support for your people and talent processes, we have something for you.

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Our Services

Career Accelerator Programme

We help people go from struggling with; career path uncertainty, job search, applications and Data Science & Machine Learning interviews. To full clarity on career path and roadmap with the steps and processes required to achieve success. Ensuring our customers can add value and make a positive impact with their work.

Exclusive Recruitment Services

Our innovative methods provide our clients across the UK, Europe and North America with new pipelines of well aligned, global talent covering areas such as data engineering, data science, machine, deep and reinforcement learning

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Freya Scammells

Co-Founder & Chief Career Coach
The Accelerator Programme

James Roadnight

Co-Founder & CEO of Reflection X
Exclusive Recruitment Services

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