The PinTech Company

Born in 2014, as Reflection Recruitment, we evolved into a trusted partner providing technology talent for many clients in the technology space starting in the UK and quickly expanding into North America. We then became experts in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science and shifted our focus towards these areas.

Our solutions have evolved from a team’s passion to shift the mindset of organisations from the traditional talent and people management frameworks to a forward-thinking one whilst simultaneously supporting technologists with their career challenges. Our team has continuously looked at ways in which they can improve people processes within organisations, making them effective and efficient. Our desire to truly help the technology industry through the current COVID impact and beyond has turned our dreams into reality.

We have created a bespoke and completely fresh approach to serving our technology industry through these new challenges. We have developed an unparalleled, end-to-end solution for Technology SMEs and individuals and that's not all, we are continuously looking to expand our services and offer clients a truly competitive solution that is in line with up to date research and best practice.

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Our Core Values

These 4 principles are our identity.
They steer our actions and guide our growth while remaining constant in an ever-changing landscape.



We are Built on Trust



Empower People to Flourish



Embrace Individuality to Achieve Our Collective Goal



Challenge Tradition in the Most Sustainable Way