HR reinvented. How to go from being a ‘good’ company to being ‘great’.

Traditionally HR is often seen as walking into a brick wall or the department that says ‘no’ or ‘can’t’ when they should be at the heart of driving things forward – the enablers. 

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Office Space

Do Startup Companies need Office Space?

One of the biggest headaches - and biggest costs - to any business is office space. Between rent, bills and taxes, providing office space is usually the biggest operational cost behind salaries.

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What are the best Remote Working Tools?

The remote working revolution has been building for some time. Xennials and Millennials have long clamoured for the flexibility to work remotely in order to balance their work and home lives...

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Recruiting an International Remote Team

Recruiting an International Remote Team?

Finding the right candidates is hard. No matter what industry you’re in, what skill set you’re looking for or how many years of experience they need to have. But who says your perfect candidate is in your local area? Or even the same country?