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Career Progression Blog
Articles, Job Search Expertise & Motivational Tips

18 OCTOBER, 2021
How Has Deep Learning Revolutionized The Industries? | A TurnOver That Took Place 78 Years Ago

Have you ever wondered how Google Translate and Amazon Alexa work? How do self-driving cars perceive their environment and detect objects? How do Facebook recommend pages, friends, products, etc? Well, they all work because of deep learning. [...]

07 OCTOBER, 2021
AI Solutions For I.T. | How AI and Machine Learning Solutions Are Transforming the Future of IT

It's strange to think that several decades ago, the IT function in a business was just one department among many. Today, everything begins and ends with IT; even the most straightforward business processes involve some form of technology. [...]

29 SEPTEMBER, 2021
Data Science & Social Media | Top Platforms To Stay Updated On

Data Science. So much new information, and so little time to digest it! This field has been around for a very long time now, but it's only In the past few years that we've seen the rise of big data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, and data mining [...]

20 SEPTEMBER, 2021
Computer Vision Is Here To Stay | Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Currently, the world is witnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution and technology has overhauled our lives in many ways from how we spend our daily lives to how computing works. One such amazing field is Computer Vision which tends to mimic how the human brain works. To put it simply [...]

08 JULY, 2021
Don’t Let Any Toxic Work Environment Burn You Out| How to Recognize Workplace Toxicity and What To Do

All jobs have some level of stress, even on good days. We all have bad Mondays, challenging weeks, and even disappointing months. However, if going to work is like having all of these challenges on repeat, it's definitely a sign that you are in a toxic work environment. I have personally worked in a very[...]

18 JUNE, 2021
How to Build a LinkedIn Profile that Stands Out in 2021 | Top Tips for Job Hunting in the Social Media Era

When LinkedIn launched in 2003 it was the business answer to Facebook. Only without the pokes, writing on walls and the gimmicky games.  In years since the networking and recruitment tool has grown ever more sophisticated. Aside from being able to share a widening array of content, its ability to help [...]

20 MAY, 2021
Set Your Mindset for Success | Best Practices to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Have you ever felt stressed during a job interview? Even if you've studied every possible interview question and you've been awaiting and preparing for this moment for what feels like years, you are not the only one who considers interviewing for a job an overwhelmingly stressful experience. We all [...]

28 APRIL, 2021
The Ultimate Tech Q&A | Essential ML & DS Interview Questions and Answers


Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and Data Analysts are nowadays some of the top in-demand roles in the Tech Industry, making Artificial Intelligence among the most popular sectors in the world. If you aspire to apply for these types of jobs, knowing what [...]

26 MARCH, 2021
Mastering the Body Language of a Video Interview | First Impressions DO Count

Interviews are one of the most unnatural experiences you face as an adult.
You are required to sit in starchy, formal clothes, opposite people you don’t know, usually in a room on the uncomfortable side of warm. The interviewers then get to ask you an endless stream of questions. You’ll have to recite [...]

12 MARCH, 2021
How to Deal with Job Rejection and Move On | Reflect, Improve and Think Positively

So when the call comes and it’s a rejection, it can be disheartening, especially if it was a job that you really wanted and felt you were ideally suited for. It’s easy to let that feeling of rejection get blown out of proportion. Those problem solving skills you mentioned in your interview, going into overdrive to [...]

19 FEBRUARY, 2020
How to Prepare for Job Interviews | A Step-by-Step Guide

Job interviews are stranger interactions. You sit opposite someone you’ve never met before and proceed to tell them everything about yourself.
Your education and employment history, your relationship status, what your kids had for dinner last Tuesday.[...] Your whole life is laid bare and[...]