Machine Learning & Data Science Career Accelerator Programmeđź’ˇ Zero to Hero.

We help people go from struggling with; career path uncertainty, job search, applications and Data Science & Machine Learning interviews. To full clarity on career path and roadmap with the steps and processes required to achieve success.

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It’s not just about having the skills to do the job, it’s about having the job strategy to secure the role. 

Are you on a mission to gain more industry experience, secure more interesting job offers and propel your career in the Data Science and Machine Learning fields?

We have the solution and the community for you.

The Machine Learning and Data Science Career Accelerator Programme is designed to help you make a positive impact and add your unique value to companies working in this niche area of technology.
We have been helping professionals to efficiently secure, develop & accelerate their career opportunities since 2014.

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Why THIS Programme?

Our Programme is more than just an online education.
It is a Career Accelerator Programme designed to help people to achieve full clarity on their career path and roadmap with the steps and processes required to achieve success. Throughout our work with Reflection AI and Reflection X, we have been lucky enough to work very closely with hiring managers around the globe, gaining a rare and in-depth insight into what companies are really looking for when they hire.

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