Computer Vision Is
Here To Stay

by Freya Scammells

Trends That Will Dominate 2021

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20 SEPTEMBER, 2021

Currently, the world is witnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution and technology has overhauled our lives in many ways- from how we spend our daily lives to how computing works.

One such amazing field is Computer Vision which tends to mimic how the human brain works.

To put it simply, it uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques to allow computers to see and analyze their surroundings. It gained academic researchers’ attention back in the late 1960s and universities that pioneered in Artificial Intelligence studies started to offer it as a course. There was no stopping after that, and as of now, Forbes predicted that the Computer Vision market will expand up to $49 billion by 2022. Let’s dwell on the 21st-century trends in the Computer Vision Field. 

Computer Vision Will Increase Workplace Safety Manifold: 

Employee Safety is imperative and a top priority of the corporate and industrial sector. According to research conducted on Hard Hats and their impacts on Employees’ safety, 65000 employees are injured every year and around 1000 employees are killed due to hard hats.

It mirrors why precautions are required in this particular area. Computer Vision can help in predicting upcoming dangers by intelligent visual monitoring in the workplace. For example, it can keep a check on people who are dealing with dangerous equipment.

Furthermore, Computer Vision is able to detect when an employee steps in any risk-prone area or when an employee takes a wrong turn (while driving a test vehicle) which can prove to be fatal. 

Computer Vision to Aid in Anomaly Detection:

An anomaly is something that is unusual and which deviates from a regular pattern. Computer Vision can do wonders in this particular aspect as it can deal with voluminous amounts of data. Many think tanks have suggested that Anomaly detection will be the newest trend in Computer Vision Field.

Various research studies have suggested that a properly trained machine learning model can accurately predict deviations and fraudulent transactions. This trend will be very beneficial for the banking sector, credit, and debit card industry. In a recent research experiment, Deep Anomaly detection was applied on surveillance videos and the proposed ML model was able to detect 99.25% of anomalies. 

Computer Vision and Emotion AI: 

Another marvelous and rather interesting development in the Computer Vision field is its application to understanding “emotions” via visualizing facial expressions and eye developments.

You have often witnessed when a picture is not loading on Facebook due to poor internet connection, a text appears instead of pictures i.e. “Two People Smiling”, “A person smiling and sunny weather” etc. All this is related to Computer Vision and its applications.

Facebook and other platforms like Apple etc. utilizes Computer vision facial recognition techniques and then the facial expressions are categorized according to identified emotions. This technique can do wonders for Advertising Industry. Realeyes, a London-based Emotion AI startup garnered $12m in funding from AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Mars, etc., and helped them in understanding how people have reacted to their emotions by analyzing their facial expressions.  

Computer Vision and Mixed Reality: 

Computer Vision is on its way to revolutionizing the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) dynamics. Although AR and VR powered devices produce quite vivid images it has almost nothing to do with the “reality” or the real situation in which the user exists.

Mixed reality means “the merging of the real world and virtual world to create new visualizations and environments where virtual and physical objects exist together and interact with each other in real-time.” Mixed Reality can do wonders for military personnel training, the entertainment and gaming industry, and remote working. Computer Industry giants are diligently working in this field and 2021 will witness a lot more related to this.

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To sum it up, Computer Vision technology is one of the most exciting trends to follow in 2021. It is here to stay and is on its way to revolutionize the medical, advertisement, military, gaming and entertainment, banking and design sector, etc.

Besides upgrading our life standard, there is another wonderful aspect, it’s a very good career choice because Computer Vision developers are one of the highest-paid as the industry’s development trend is tilting in favor of Computer Vision and its application.



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