Enriching the AI ecosystem with new approaches to global talent development.

Our innovative methods provide our clients across the UK, Europe and North America with new pipelines of well aligned, global talent covering areas such as data engineering, data science, machine, deep and reinforcement learning.

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As well as introducing top-tier candidates, we also utilize our connections with AI innovators, research institutes, business leaders and government organisations to reinvest knowledge, time and support back into the next generation of AI technologists.

Our client base includes AI startups, technology firms, international consumer electronics companies, healthtech companies, global investment banks and research labs across various industries.

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What makes us different?

The AI boom has disrupted the hiring market place and increased the need for highly skilled, technical expertise. The growing need for AI talent has led to a skills crisis where there is no longer enough people with the required skillsets to fill these positions and hiring these individuals has become hugely competitive.

Here at Reflection AI, we have the expertise to help you tackle these challenges. We want to stand out, not because we say we are the best, but because we foster a culture where clients and candidates respect, and want to work with us; because we genuinely want to help them turn their AI vision into a reality.

We have been developing innovative, global search strategies, in-depth market analysis and feedback and sharing insights from across our AI networks to develop new approaches to talent development. We work to bring pioneering AI companies together with the best talent that they are unable to source elsewhere, and strive to enrich the wider AI ecosystem through supporting partnerships, training and knowledge sharing.

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