We've got A's for your Q's

Who is The ML&DS Career Accelerator Programme for?

The ideal Programme applicant is someone who is prepared to test their way into a new direction through doing, not through more researching, planning or talking.
If you have experienced one or more of the following, then the Programme is just for you!

🔻 Career path uncertainty & lack of confidence due to previous rejections

🔻 +50 applications to job postings with less than 10 interview requests

🔻 Applications and interview rejections with little to no constructive feedback

🔻Minimal industry connections in the Machine Learning and Data Science community

🔻 Very few LinkedIn messages from relevant recruiters and hiring managers 

🔻 Struggle to get past first stages of Data Science and or Machine Learning interviews processes

🔻 Have no traditional Computer Science education

🔻 Have limited industry experience in Machine Learning or Data Science

🔻 Minimal understanding of the Machine Learning & Data Science job market

🔻 Confused over what to prepare for in an interview because they are all so different

🔻 Continuous rejections during the interview process and never getting the final / offer stages

Why THIS Programme?

This programme is more than just an online education.
It is a career accelerator program designed to help people to achieve full clarity on their career path and roadmap with the steps and processes required to achieve success. 

We provide opportunities to learn by doing, rebranding and repositioning yourself, interview tips, career paths, self-actualisation, being part of a community, connecting and receiving education from experts in the field.

Until now, we have only shared this entire strategy with our 1-2-1 candidates and an initial group of programme members.  We’ve now tested this entire system many times and proven its results with technologists from a range of experience levels. At this point, we know we can make a greater impact by sharing it with more people, which is why we are so excited to finally be sharing the full education with Machine Learning and Data Science technologists!

Whether you want a head start on a successful career or want to reposition yourself on the job market, you need to think ahead. The Career Accelerator Programme provides the career development, skills, tips and guidance you need to succeed in our global economy.

How Much Does it Cost?

Secure your 365 days Programme access at just under $299 (including sales tax), available for a limited time only. 

What Do I Get?

🔍 365 days of full access to the Programme

🔍 Unlimited access to a private LinkedIn group for ongoing support and tips

🔍 Early access to job opportunities in the Machine learning and Data Science space

How is it Structured?

You will have access to skill modules, industry news, best practices,  links of industry events to attend, useful practice links to enhance your skills alongside our detailed guides, resources and templates by Reflection X to further support your learning, including:

✔️ 5 phase video training course with over 20 hours of essential video education

✔️ Private LinkedIn group community for daily customised support from Freya and our expert team at Reflection X 

✔️Detailed guides, resources and templates by Reflection X and useful external links to further support your learning for each Phase

All the Modules here!

How Much Do I Have to Participate?

It's totally up to you.

We think you'll have a more enjoyable experience and learn more if you complete your profile, contribute to the LinkedIn private group to network with others in the MLDS space and get involved, but you can also use the education platform straightforwardly. 

What are the Career Progression Steps?

The Programme will walk you step-by-step through:

💡 Self-actualisation & Your Machine Learning & Data Science career strategy

💡 Personal Career Roadmap & making it happen!

💡 The LinkedIn Algorithm and how YOU can use it to your advantage

💡 What skills are companies REALLY looking for?

💡 Machine Learning and Data Science job applications | Beating the ATS (Applicant tracking system) Algorithm

💡 Nailing YOUR Machine Learning and Data Science interviews | All aspects of the interview process

💡 Networking in Machine Learning & Data Science

💡 Tried and tested Job offer and negotiation techniques

💡A virtual MLDS programme community 

When Can I Get Started?

Right away!

Our Accelerator Programme is available to buy now.  

Let’s get moving.

At the Machine Learning and Data Science Career accelerator programme we help people who are in the Data Engineering, Data Science and Machine Learning space go from struggling to navigate the broken hiring process with little or no progression on applications, interviews and offer negotiation. To full clarity on their career strategy and support on exactly how to be true to their experience and still secure the job opportunities that will fulfil them in the Canadian Data Science and Machine Learning market specifically.