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14 OCTOBER, 2021
Most Common - and Expensive - Hiring Mistakes
What Are the Must Have Personality Traits you Look for When Hiring?

Have you made expensive hiring mistakes lately? It is probably because you forgot to ask these questions before you started looking! If you've ever been in charge of hiring new staff, especially for senior positions, you’ve most [...]

16 SEPTEMBER, 2021
How Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benefit Your Business
The True Value of DEI


Why is everyone in Tech and Recruitment talking about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in hiring recently? It's no secret that the technology industry faces a wealth of challenges with DEI as many others do.Tech professionals drive value by creating solutions[...]

16 AUGUST, 2021
How AI Will Impact The Future Of Work
A transformation started 65 years ago


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the way humans interact with the world as we know it, creating new markets and amazing advancements in our lives, with an ever-increasing number of uses in a wide range of industries and applications emerging each day. [...]

03 AUGUST, 2021
Is Your Business Model Truly Sustainable?
5 Questions Your Company Should Answer To Prove It

Sustainability is such a hot topic right now. We live on a planet of finite resources, but often we treat it like our resources are infinite. We’ve become used to instant gratification. We want the cheapest, fastest option possible, whether we’re thinking about food, clothes or energy [...]

26 JULY, 2021
Your Employees Are Not Tools
Why Behavioural Assessments are Key

You know this already. And I know you know this because every time I ask an employer to name the most important element of their business, they always say their employees. The people. But then I ask a few more questions and it seems like the answer doesn’t match the actions[...]

14 JULY, 2021
Why Is Your Recruiter Hurting Your Business?
The Better Recruitment Strategy


As I'm sure you are aware, the field of recruitment does not have the best reputation. However... Not all recruiters are the same. Furthermore...If you understand why your recruiter is failing, you may be able to resolve some of the issues you're having. Here is an extremely bad idea… the ‘contingency [...]

30 JUNE, 2021
3 Strategies To Retain Your Top Talent in 2021
How To Optimize Employee Retention


Do you recall a time when you hired someone only to find out within a few months that they weren't going to stick around? Maybe their learning was too slow. Maybe they were just bad at keeping track of time. Maybe some management staff had already clashed with them [...]

03 JUNE, 2020
Supercharging Recruitment with Video Messaging
Top 5 Video Messaging Tools


While remote hiring can sometimes feel impersonal, video messaging is an effective way to connect in a personal way with candidates and clients. Creating personalised videos, allows to add an extra touch at every stage of hiring process. But how can a video elevate your productivity and success[...]

07 APRIL, 2021
Moving from HR to People Management
How to Go From a Good Company to Best Workplace to Work for


Should we still calling it HR? In recent years, there has been much debate around the use of the phrase ‘Human Resource (HR)’ and the move towards using the term ‘People’ instead. The motive behind this is to move away from seeing ‘Humans’ as ‘Resources’ but to see them as People or Talent [...]

14 JANUARY, 2021
Does Your Startup Need Office Space?
One of the biggest headaches in the Post-Pandemic Era


Founding a startup is a minefield of legalities and consequence-laden actions that could see your business sink or swim. One of the biggest headaches - and biggest costs - to any business is office space. Between rent, bills and taxes, providing office space is usually the biggest operational cost behind [...]

03 DECEMBER, 2020
The Remote Worker's Toolkit
the Distant Dream of Remote Working Becomes the New Normal


Whether it’s sat on a sea-view balcony with a large cup of coffee or sunk into an oversized bean bag in the corner of your living room, the distant dream of remote working has now become a reality. The 2020 global pandemic has been a wake-up call for many organisations, even those with the most rigid [...]

19 NOVEMBER, 2020
Top Tips For Hiring An International Remote Team
A 2020 trend set to continue


Finding the right candidates is hard. No matter what industry you’re in, what skill set you’re looking for or how many years of experience they need to have.
A substantial portion of a business’s success is attributed to hiring suitable candidates at the right time and cultural fit is without doubt the most [...]