Meet James,
Reflection X's Co-Founder & CEO

by Giusy di Francesco

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27 AUGUST, 2021
Diving into a company's meet the team page is one of the best way to learn about an organization. It offers a glimpse into who you could potentially work with and how the company culture is like. Our mini interview series will help you to get to know our team better - we like to think we've put together a pretty special group of people here!

First in line in our Meet The Team blog series is James Roadnight, Co-Founder and CEO of Reflection X.

James is a modern leader, able to think fast, make effective decisions and stay true to a greater vision and strategy.
With a strong focus on personal development for himself and the team around team, he is very passionate about helping people to become the best version of themselves.

In today’s fast-paced world, the only certainty is uncertainty, making adaptability the most important leadership trait. With the fourth industrial revolution upon us and the rise of Big Data, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, we are in fact shifting into a new space. With his 25 years of experience in recruitment, James witnessed the evolution of the Tech industry and he is determined to make Reflection X the most respected talent partner in North America.

As he always says " We want to revolutionize the way people in tech are recruited!"
He is a big believer in hiring great people and getting out their way, so they can achieve amazing things.
Outside of ‘work’ he is keen on his family, fitness, rugby, cricket and jazz music.

🔹 What is your current job title ? Poorly explain what you do for work!

J: I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Reflection X.
I have a highly talented bunch of people that work with me, day to day my role is to try and lead them, thankfully,  9 times out of 10 they ignore me and do what is best for the business!

🔹 What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now ? 

J: Our new X-Talent platform, it is genuinely revolutionizing the way people in tech are recruited.
We don’t believe that a resume and the usual brief interview process provides employers with sufficient information to make an objective, adequately informed decision or that it gives candidates sufficient opportunity to showcase their skills, personality or ability in the hiring process. That's why we have created our own award-winning online assessment and delivery platform - the Reflection X Method - to offer a more comprehensive solution to many age-old dilemmas.

🔹 What's the latest employee wellbeing initiative or challenge you took part in?

J: Our Rubik's Cube challenge!
The team member who can complete it the fastest,
wins a weekend break for two at the sustainable luxury treetop hideaway at Mallinsons. Trying to solve The Rubik's cube cube is not only an excellent distraction from our busy day but improves problem-solving and patience. Memorizing algorithms while twisting the cube also improves muscle memory and reflexes!

🔹 What role does sustainability play in your life ? 

J: Sustainability is increasing becoming a big part of my life.
At work, in the street, shopping, cooking, in our leisure time... Almost all the activities that we develop in a normal day are likely to be made in a least harmful way to the environment and less costly to the domestic economy.

As a company, we are striving to reduce the impact of our business to operate as close to zero as possible.
It is our goal, as a collective, to help people thrive and to protect the planet for generations to come.
It would be great to leave this world in a better place than I found it... for my children and theirs.

🔹 If you could choose a superpower, what would it be ?

J: This may be a common answer, but being able to fly would be mine.
To be able to go anywhere at any time, would be the ultimate freedom.

🔹 What’s something you’re planning on doing in the next year that you have never done ?

J: In the next year I am planning to cycle from London to Amsterdam.
I did the London to Brighton ride 20 years ago, but this is a whole another level.

🔹 If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be ? 

J: Capital.
Not because I want materialist things, but you can do amazing things with unlimited resources.

🔹What advice would you give someone before starting the same career as yourself ? 

J: Be on a journey of constant learning, getting better everyday.
If you are not growing and developing as a person, you are in decline and your competition will over take you.

🔹 Which famous quote represents you the most ?

 J: “Life is a privilege, not an entitlement, happiness stems from this understanding”

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