Meet Richard,
Reflection X's Co-Founder

by Giusy di Francesco

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28 OCTOBER, 2021
Diving into a company's meet the team page is one of the best way to learn about an organization. It offers a glimpse into who you could potentially work with and how the company culture is like. Our mini interview series will help you to get to know our team better - we like to think we've put together a pretty special group of people here!

Next in line in our Meet The Team blog series is Richard Orme, Co-Founder of Reflection X.

Richard is a passionate leader, focused on strategic thinking, innovation, and sustainability. He encourages people to make healthy and sustainable living choices and he is the founder of Project Impact.

He has 20 years of experience running companies in the UHNW sector, and more recently, as a non-executive board advisor providing strategic planning post-merger and acquisition.  His career started in naval architecture, yacht construction, brokerage and project management. Richard’s focus is now the advancement of sustainable business practices for UK SME’s to reach a zero impact status whilst supporting leadership teams with strategic growth planning. 

🔹 What is your current job title? Poorly explain what you do for work!

R: I attempt to think about and plan for future, but not too sure my crystal ball is always working.

🔹 What role does sustainability play in your life ? 

R: A lot, both in my work and home life I’m driven by my goal to leave the planet in better a better place for when my kids reach 40 (20 odd years from now!) than it is now.  As a people business, we acknowledge our responsibility to care for the health and wellbeing of the people we work with, whilst reducing our environmental impact.
Time is ticking, but I do believe it’s possible if we all adopt small mindset changes to our lifestyle and if i
mplementing sustainability practices is important, measuring the impact of our actions is essential. That's the reason why Impact Timeline was born. We will keep track of our moves over time so we can truly see the difference we are all making and assess our progress transparently. Have a look!

🔹 What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now ? 

R: I would say everything! 
But if I had to pick one, then it’s the roll out of
Project Impact.
We live on a planet of finite resources, but often we treat it like our resources are infinite. We want the cheapest, fastest option possible, whether we’re thinking about food, clothes or energy. Despite this, the words “sustainable” and “sustainability”,  are being overused (misused and abused) by many companies in official communications, marketing messages, social media. .But what do these words really mean?Implementing sustainability practices is important, but measuring the impact of your actions is essential. That's why we have created Project Impact. Our commitment to sustainability flows from our way of working, to build and develop a business, through to choosing solutions that are enabling a sustainable environment. As a company and as individuals, we make a conscious effort to produce the smallest envir
onmental impact possible so that we may preserve our quality of life for present and future generations.

🔹 If you could choose a superpower, what would it be ?

R: Living in the UK - it has to be controlling the weather. 
Could also be handy with climate change!!

🔹 What's the latest employee wellbeing initiative or challenge you took part in ?

R: Testing Workplace Apps and understanding how they can improve wellbeing and productivity.
honestly loved reviewing the Wim Hof App and I have actually implemented cold showers and breathing techniques in my every day life.
I’m a Wim hoffer all day long! Read our review here.

🔹 If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be ? 

R: Water.

🔹 What’s something you’re planning on doing in the next year that you have never done ?

R: Learn to kite surf, a bit cliché I know but living by the sea it’s been on my to do list for 10 years!

🔹 What advice would you give someone before starting the same career as yourself ? 

R: Trust your own instinct, learn and move on when things don’t go right and never go into a meeting without knowing exactly why you are there – time is too precious.

🔹 Which famous quote represents you the most?

R: Without customers there is no business.

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