Reflections On The Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Freya Scammells

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May '22 Edition

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is clearly upon us - a new era of innovation in technology - and we are excited to keep you updated with what's new! In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest resources, news and insights in the AI community. Happy Reading!

This month in your Reflection X newsletter...

The latest tech news surrounding the world's most influential social media app and its new owner! 

What will it mean for the future of equality, diversity and inclusion in our world and tech?

Plus, we include 10 Top AI/Tech youtube channels for you to peruse and enjoy this month!

We will also cover amazing and groundbreaking Top AI Tech innovations, so influential that they are still ascending this month!

As always, we have 4 Top AI News Stories to help you get the very best news coverage without having to expend your valuable time searching for it!

Latest Tech News

Now to get your May started, who is the new owner of Twitter?

Just in case you haven't already heard : Elon Musk for

44 BILLION dollars!

It's arguable that very few could purchase anything outright at such a price!

Originating from South Africa, he is widely regarded as the most prominent visionary in recent years, as an understatement! Initially starting out at the University of Pretoria, Musk then moved to Canada when he was in his late teens to study at Queen's University. He then achieved a bachelor's degree in Economics and Physics at the University of Pennsylvania in a penultimate move for his education. In 1995, he briefly attended Stanford University but promptly left to try his hand at business. 

Just 4 short years later, Compaq purchased the company his brother Kimbal started and Elon helped develop; Zip2, for a whopping $307 million.

The year he sold Zip2, he also co-founded '', an online bank. ended up becoming (by way of a merger with ‘Confinity’) PayPal and $1.5 billion was the figure eBay paid for PayPal 20 years ago in 2002!

SpaceX followed that year, with Tesla also taking on his services (as product architect, and as Chairman) in '04. He then started the company that would ultimately go on to become Tesla Energy. 

OpenAI came in 2015 and in 2016 the wittily-named, but ingenious ‘Boring Company’ started and also the firm Neuralink, which he co-founded, began.

One may ask, why in particular was he interested in acquiring a social media firm? After all, at $44 Billion, it's 44 times the cost of 1 Gigafactory! 

In a recent interview for TED Talks (15 minutes onward) Musk covered this. His answer; 'my strong intuitive sense, is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilisation,' and 'I don't care about the economics at all…'

When we combine this with a comment he made regarding helping people with spinal cord injuries through his Neuralink technology, it makes even more sense; “I think we have a chance with Neuralink to restore full-body functionality to someone who has a spinal cord injury,” he said. Additionally, from the same article, he is quoted as saying ‘don’t want to raise hopes unreasonably, but I’m increasingly convinced that this could be done.’

Building a world that works better than the one we currently live in for everyone by providing technology that really makes life easier for the user through engineering.

Mr Musk arguably knows the subject!

To quote, those tenets are:

‘1. Testability

2. Maintainability

3. Integrity

4. External integration

5. Ethics

6. Management’

As an example, imagine SpaceX or Tesla without a rigorous process of test and repeat, incorporating the belief that 'the ultimate responsibility rests on the engineer'.

The end product must always fulfil the requirements, if it doesn't then the product won't work and we can achieve that preferred outcome by constant and never ending improvement adhering to the principles outlined above.

Musk has already mentioned end-to-end encryption for Twitter dm's because it makes sense, who wouldn't want that?


It's probable to expect the same engineering applied to Twitter in general for maximum optimisation, including even more safety and security leading to a lot more diversity, equality and inclusion!

If you're a fan of youtube and you also love learning like we do, we know you will love these:

Top 10 Informative AI/Tech Youtube Channels

1. DeepMind

Located in: The UK

407k subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'we’re a team of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts and more, working together to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence. We use our technologies for widespread public benefit and scientific discovery, and collaborate with others on critical challenges, ensuring safety and ethics are the highest priority.'

2. Applied AI Course

Located in: India

78.3k subscribers to date

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'The AppliedAICourse attempts to teach students/course-participants some of the core ideas in machine learning, data-science and AI that would help the participants go from a real world business problem to a first cut, working and deployable AI solution to the problem. Our primary focus is to help participants build real world AI solutions using the skills they learn in this course.'

3. The Artificial Intelligence Channel

Located in: Canada

113k subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'This channel is primarily focused on the future of artificial intelligence but also posts videos related to the technological singularity, transhumanism, anti-aging, synthetic biology, space exploration, technological unemployment, basic income and more.'


Located in: (undisclosed)

196k subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.'

5. Siraj Raval

Located in: United States

717k subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'Hello World, it's Siraj!  I'm a technologist on a mission to spread data literacy. Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Science, Technology, I simplify these topics to help you understand how they work.'

6. Two Minute Papers
Located in: Hungary

1.22m subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'What a time to be alive!'

We agree!

7. Jordan Harrod

Located in: United States

77.9k subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'Exploring the ways that we interact with artificial intelligence, algorithms, and other new technologies every day, for better or for worse.'

8. DeepLearningAI

Located in: (undisclosed)

171k subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'DeepLearning.AI was founded in 2017 by machine learning and education pioneer Andrew Ng to fill a need for world-class AI education.

DeepLearning.AI has created high-quality AI programs on Coursera that have gained an extensive global following. By providing a platform for education and fostering a tight-knit community, DeepLearning.AI has become the pathway for anyone looking to build an AI career.'

9. Robert Miles

Located in: (undisclosed)

102k subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'Videos about Artificial Intelligence Safety Research, for everyone.' and 'AI is leaping forward right now, it's only a matter of time before we develop true Artificial General Intelligence, and there are a lot of different ways that this could go badly wrong for us. Putting aside the science fiction, this channel is about AI Safety research - humanity's best attempt to foresee the problems AI might pose and work out ways to ensure that our AI developments are safe and beneficial.'

10. MIT OpenCourseWare

Located in: Massachusetts, United States

3.82M subscribers to date.

To quote from their channel's 'about section': 'Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or simply a curious person that wants to learn, MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) offers a wealth of insight and inspiration. There's videos, and a whole lot more!'

Top 5 AI Tech Innovations

1. AI-optimised search technology

AI search technology is tech that enables machines to learn from the experiences of users' search requests to speed up and optimise the whole process.

It is widely expected to become a booming industry in the near future, as always, as our amazing industry’s phenomenal technology keeps improving!

2. Using AI to deliver diagnosis!

Delivering diagnosis utilising AI tech that enables relevant parties to detect certain conditions more easily. Such parties include the British Heart Foundation

Analysing scan results can now be achieved with the help of AI as opposed to manual assessments alone.

3. Peer-To-Peer Networks and AI

Peer-To-Peer Networks enable companies to leverage the combined power of computers networked together to then take better advantage of AI programs. 

These programs can then drastically cut down the time it takes to plough through bulk data. 

4. More advanced and better AI-tech for Facial Recognition

That has to be good news!

As the tech in our industry gets more adept, this highly controversial technology is expected to 

become more accurate and society-friendly. 

Regarding the tragic current situation in Eastern Europe and in an article from the BBC, the advanced facial recognition company Clearview AI has recently just 'given its technology to the Ukrainian government' to help their efforts to identify victims of the atrocities.

5. Fall-detection using AI and Virtual Reality


According to a paper by Vinh Bui & Alireza Alaei;, detecting falls, especially within the healthcare sector, is very much a priority and something AI and VR could play a part in helping to solve. 

Citation : Bui, V., Alaei, A. Virtual reality in training artificial intelligence-based systems: a case study of fall detection. 

Multimed Tools Appl (2022). 

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Top 4 AI News Stories

1. Arizona community college gets an 'AI incubator lab' from Intel and Dell

According to a piece by contributing writer, Nate Delesline III for Computers & Tech from April 29, Intel, along with Arizona's Chandler-Gilbert Community College, have just launched the college's 'new on-campus' artificial intelligence incubator lab.

The article states that 'Dell is also a corporate partner in the AI for Workforce Program', the program in question being the umbrella operation that the lab is a part of. To further quote the piece; 'helping students get workforce ready by equipping them with hands-on AI knowledge, skills, and experiences' are the goals here, according to Mr Delesline III.




2. Has fake news met its match?

Writing for the lighthouse from the 28th of April, 

Frank Molloy, with research carried out by Dr Shoujin Wang; Professor Yan Wang, cover a new tech that can 'divert users away from fake news,' by creating 'personalised link recommendations'!

According to the piece, the AI-optimised tech was unveiled at The Web Conference in France this week. 

This technology, 'developed by a team at Macquarie University’s Smart System and Data Engineering 

Research Group', with Professor Yan Wang leading, incorporates a 'highly accurate model' that can help turn people away from fake stories and towards verified ones.



3. $100k prize won by a Singaporean man to detect deep fakes with AI

Using AI itself to detect deep fakes and with an accuracy of 98.53 per cent, Wang Weimin, a research scientist from Singapore, beat '469 other teams from around the world' in a recent competition according to an article by  

Rei Kurohi; tech correspondent for

The piece states that the winning team consisted solely of Mr Weimin and the challenge in question lasted for 5 months. 

His technology was successful, according to the article 'at telling apart genuine clips from those that featured digitally manipulated faces, voices or both.'



New applicants ready to experience the AI accelerator at the University of Edinburgh

John Glover, Business reporter for, writes in a piece from the 29th that the 'AI accelerator' at the University of Edinburgh is reopening to new applicants.

The University's 'Innovation Hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, the Bayes Centre' will deliver the programme both in-person and in digital 'as part of the university's commercialisation service' according to the piece.




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