Reflections On The Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Freya Scammells

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September '21 Edition

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is clearly upon us - a new era of innovation in technology - and we are excited to keep you updated with what's new! In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest resources, news and insights in the AI community. Happy Reading!

From the AI sector embracing more diversity and inclusion, to remote working in the tech industry still increasing, September seems to be a very interesting month for tech talents, with companies wanting skilled individuals more than ever.

According to a recent survey by REC, starting salaries in Tech are increasing at the fastest they’ve been since 1997!  

And it's not all - the IDC forecasts that for 2021 companies will have invested $342 Billion on AI Solutions for the year.
By 2025, they suggest that’ll have increased to half a TRILLION dollars!

Oh and have you heard that when 2025 rolls around, there will probably be AI pet-bots too?

Read this and more in our industry news September wrap-up, enjoy the reading!

Top 5 Productivity Podcasts
for Busy Technologists

Struggling to be more productive in AI and Tech?
Wanna get your passion back and become a more organised person in this field? 
Or do you just want to optimise your work/life balance?

If your answer is YES, this Top 5 list on Productivity Podcasts may be just for you:

1. Before Breakfast
The mission is to give listeners practical tools to feel less busy and get more done.

2. Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Cal Newport is a computer science professor and the New York Times bestselling author of Digital Minimalism and Deep Work.
He writes about technology and the way it can both support and impede our efforts to live more meaningful, productive lives.
In this podcast, he answers questions from his readers about work, technology, and the deep life.

3.The Productive Woman

A podcast intended to help busy women find the tools and the encouragement to manage their lives, their time, their stress, and their stuff so they can accomplish the things that matter most to them.

4. Positive Productivity

Positive Productivity is NOT about perfection. When we stop worrying about perfection and instead focus on living as OUR authentic, transparent, entrepreneur selves, we can achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality.

5.The 5am Miracle

Discover how to dominate your day before breakfast every Monday morning: this practical self-improvement podcast focuses on productivity, healthy habits, and personal development.

Top 5 AI Conferences to Attend

Are you a regular attendee of AI conferences but haven't got the time to check what's going on in the tech landscape this year?

We have got you covered!

Here are the top 5 conferences in AI and Tech that may may want to know more about:

1. EMNLP 2021

Focusing on ‘Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing’.
When 🗓 7th – 11th November 2021
Location 📍 Online and in the Barceló Bávaro Convention Centre, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

2. NeurIPS 2021

Focusing on ‘Neural Information Processing Systems’ and the peer reviewed research there of.
🗓 When : November 27 – December 5, 2021
📍Location: Fully virtual

3. LOD2021 – The 7th International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, Data Science

Focusing on AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and more.
🗓 When :October 5 – 8, 2021
📍Location: Grasmere, Lake District, England – UK and online.

4. The Data Science Conference

Focusing on Data Science.
🗓 When :When 🗓 14-15 October 2021
📍Location: Boston, MA, USA.

5. Open Data Science Conference (ODSC)

Focusing on AI and Data Science movers and shakers.
🗓 When : West 2021  – November 15th
📍Location: San Francisco and virtual

🗓 When :Nov 18th APAC 2021 – December 2021
📍Location: San Francisco and virtual

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Interesting Applications of AI Happening Right Now!

🤖 Curbing online harassment using AI

In a recent article from This New Way to Train AI Could Curb Online Harassment journalist Khari Johnson highlights the scourge of misogyny online.  A 2020 Plan International study, one of the largest ever conducted, found in fact that more than half of women in 22 countries said they had been harassed or abused online. Men are more likely to experience online harassment but that women are far more likely to experience stalking or sexual harassment, and more than twice as likely to come away from a harassment episode feeling extremely upset about the encounter.

Johnson details how Nina Nørgaard, a PhD candidate at IT University of Copenhagen spent 6 months with a group of people in Denmark (representing a cross section of that society) who were paid to ‘examine thousands of Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter posts and decide whether they evidenced sexism, stereotypes, or harassment.’ She learned that, after this group gradually came to a consensus on what constitutes harassment, this consensus (as a model) would subsequently then allow an AI to become 10 percent more effective (than the prior year’s AI) in identifying not just flat out abuse...but also barely concealed abuse.

Full Story🔗

🤖 Researchers create real-time lyric generating tech to inspire song-writing

Creating better lyricists by encouraging song-writers to move in new directions. That’s what’s on the table with Artificial Intelligence and creativity in the music industry.

As reported in a recent issue of Science Daily, a system called ‘LyricJam’ was created by the N.L.P (Natural Language Processing) laboratory at Waterloo University to aid in the education of its music students. This exciting (and groundbreaking) system runs in real time, ‘learns musical expressions of artists and generates lyrics in their style’ and generates poetic lines with new metaphors and expressions, potentially leading the artists in creative directions that they haven't explored before.’

Full Story 🔗

🤖 AI Used to detect wildlife health issues

Many of us think it’s about time Artificial Intelligence be leveraged to help protect our wild-life population. Our marine birds and large sea-animals specifically, are suffering greatly through their consumption of domoic acid infected fish. This domoic acid is created naturally by an algae known as Pseudo-nitzschia australis.

So, how can AI be used to maximise the life spans of our marine bird population in addition to other animals at risk on this issue?

Writing for from the 16th of this August, Jennifer Claire Ball addresses this very subject. She writes ‘researchers at U.C Davis (The esteemed University in California) recently tested an early detection system that uses artificial intelligence to classify admissions to rehabilitation centres (of infected marine birds and other animals), in the hope of sending wildlife agencies and researchers warnings’.

In the past, marine birds and other relevant animals that would have benefited from rehabilitation centres had not been able to get optimised care due to the disconnected nature of these centres. Ball writes further ‘researchers used five years of data and more than 200,000 records to establish baselines for how frequently these conditions normally occur. When the system detects an anomaly -an unusually high number of cases in a given species- it automatically creates an alert, which is delivered to wildlife experts either via the system dashboard, an email, or text message’.

Ball states that the US Davis-developed system ‘can produce “prediagnostic” alerts, which are faster than waiting until diagnoses have been confirmed.’

Full Story 🔗

4 Artificial Intelligence Stories

1. Farm-land restoration, livelihood security and optimising the productivity of farmers worldwide with AI.

Writer Annie Brown, contributing for, on August 12th, details how ‘AI-Driven Technology Is ‘Increasing Food Security, And Improving The Lives Of Farmers Worldwide’.
Brown states that because many small family-run farms ‘lack technological solutions to monitor soil conditions, improve livestock management, and streamline operations’, it leaves them uncompetitive when faced with the larger farms who dominate the ‘Gross cash farm income (GFCI)’.
Her fascinating article looks into how AI can help these small farms redress that balance.

🌐 Source:

2. Supporting the elderly and lonely through Artificial Intelligence powered robots.

Writing for, on August 13th, Zoë Corbyn finds out how an AI-driven robot namedElliQ is helping a lady in her nineties find friendship in retirement.

This invention is a product of an Israeli-based startup calledIntuitionrobotics who, at just 5 years old, have already raised an impressive $58 million. Corbyn states that so far, over 200 people in the U.S have lived with one of this company’s robots, to train the underlying AI further, in preparation for its public release.

🌐 Source:

3. AI optimising the management and increasing longevity of dairy-cow population affected by mastitis.

Managing the health of dairy-cows suffering from clinical mastitis has long been a real trial for the dairy industry.
However, as covered in a
recent article on, the industry is turning to a partnership between their farmers along with scientists, retailers and technologists to ‘create the equivalent of My Health Records for dairy cows, to better manage clinical mastitis.’

🌐 Source:

4. Groundbreaking AI!

Parkour’, the sport invented in France, where running and navigating complex objects at the same time is used to showcase extreme mobility and has AI-driven aficionados!

Boston-Dynamics, the AI-robotics experts, yet again have an amazing new video to inspire and entertain anyone interested in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

🌐 Source:

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