Supercharging Recruitment with Video Messaging

by Freya Scammells

Top 5 Video Messaging Tools

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03 JUNE, 2021
While remote hiring can sometimes feel impersonal, video messaging is an effective way to connect in a personal way with candidates and clients.

reating personalised videos, allows to add an extra touch at every stage of hiring process. But how can a video elevate your productivity and success rate?

📌 Reaching out to relevant candidates
📌 Advertising the best available posts
📌 Assessing candidates
📌 Welcome videos
📌 Updating colleagues or clients

We assume you already have an idea of what Video Messaging is, so let's start off with What Video Messaging a business context.

Very simply, it is using videos to communicate within the business you are in. If the proverbial picture is worth a thousand words, think how much more a well-presented video could be worth! Research shows video recipients invariably retain over 90% of a message compared to a mere 10% who just read it. It is the closest you will get to a face-to-face meeting – especially during this period in our lives and will save you time and money on recruiting the best person for the best job for them.

When you currently only rely on traditional email communication or even popular real-time collective video communication strategies, Video Messaging can really provide a very dynamic and versatile alternative.

Here is a rundown of 5 popular Video Messaging applications currently utilised in this space.
We are not sponsored by them and there is no particular emphasis on what constitutes ‘best’, because ‘best’ may just come down to what you and your company may or may not require!

🎥 1. Loom

Loom has 10 million customers and has been taken up by 120 thousand businesses. It's recognised for its ease of use and it's free for quick video messages (up to 5 minutes in length). To quote from the Loom website: ‘You can create as many videos as you need, but can only access the last 100 in your workspace’ with the free option.

Key Features (with the free option)

· Screen & camera recording
· Viewer Insights
· Team Workspace
· Instant editing

There is also a ‘Business’ option (for ‘advanced recording and analytics’). This comes in at $8USD per Creator/mo, billed annually or $10/mo, billed monthly. The ‘Business’ option also includes benefits such as ‘video recordings of unlimited length’.

🎥 2. Snagit

Highly respected in the industry, Snagit is award winning and has been around since its initial release in 1990. It is well known for being very comprehensive.

Key Features (with the free option)

Screen & camera recording
· Panoramic Scrolling Capture 
· Grab Text 
· Record Audio 
· Animated GIFs

To own outright there is a one-time paid option of £43.25. There is also a ‘maintenance’ option, priced at £10.81, that gives additional features:

· Priority Support
· Dedicated phone queue & expedited handling
· Volume Benefits - Cumulative discount with 5+ and same key
· Snagit Certification - Exclusive training to expand your skills

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🎥 3. Camtasia

Very well established, this application has been around since 2002- not just in video presentations, but also video editing.
It's another comprehensive package, also with a free trial.

Key Features (with the trial option)

· Templates
· Camtasia Packages
· Favourites & Presets
· Simplified Editing
· Pre-Built Assets
· Screen & camera recording
· Audio recording (Mic + System)
· Music

The paid option is priced at £216.29 ‘Per User’. A maintenance option is available too at their checkout.

🎥 4. CloudApp

CloudApp was initially launched in 2010. As the name suggests, its emphasis is on online storage/sharing.
It promotes simplicity and ease of use. To quote the company’s web page ‘
Just capture, share, and accelerate your workflow’.

Key Features (with the free option)

· Capture & share videos
· Gifs and annotated screenshots
· Record up to 90 second videos
· Access your last 20 files
· Basic Analytics
· Up to 10 views per item

The ‘team’ option, is available for ‘$8/mo, All Pro features included + Shared Team Folders, Shared Custom Branding, Manage members, Centralised billing, Priority support Minimum 3 Users.

🎥 5. Vidyard

This product was first available in July 2011 and what they offer is very thorough indeed.
The emphasis is squarely on marketing/analytics. To quote their web page ‘From easy video creation to powerful video analytics; from small business to enterprise. Our online video platform has all the nuts and bolts your business needs to engage your audience, whoever and wherever they are’. This package does have a free option but requires a sign up.

Key Features (with the free option)

· Unlimited recording
· Unlimited uploads
· Share by email, social media, and more
·Upload unlimited videos to your library

Their ‘team’ option does come in at a hefty $300 per month paid annually. It's for 3 + users and it also offers ‘custom branding’ and ‘video analytics’. 

Utilising video messaging apps will help your message and brand to have a personalised approach with candidates, clients and employees. Using a simple tool will help you not only to come across with more impact but in a much shorter space of time!

Put your best foot forward, get ahead of the competition. Record. Save. Sent. 🎬

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Freya supports the tech talent toolbox arm of Reflection X where she is coaching technologists to achieve their full potential. With over 10 years of experience within the Tech and AI recruitment space, she has been from working closely with thousands individuals and leaders during hiring processes while partnering with very early stage start-ups all the way to some of the top AI Labs in the world.

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