See Why They Love Us

See Why They Love Us

Why Freya & The MLDS Career Accelerator Programme

"I typically work with people who are struggling with large numbers of applications with minimal feedback, lack of clarity on how to improve their career, unsuccessful interviews. I help them by establishing their personal career roadmap, implement a succesful mindset, beat the Applicant Tracking System Algorithm and support them with tried and tested processes to nail both tech and non tech interviews." Freya - Chief Career Coach

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"Freya helped me a lot starting from the Interview preparation to Network building and passing the technical interviews for different rounds. I would say that it definitely gave me a sense of new confidence and hope that I would be able to secure a job after following their guidelines and materials for the interviews.

As I used their negotiating strategy for the salary range, it actually worked out really well and the organization was willing to pay up to my range.

I would 100% recommend the Career Accelerator Programme as this really helped me with the transition into the DS field and it is definitely worth investing your time and money for this program."

- Krittika (Business Intelligence Analyst )

"After speaking to Freya, I quickly realised that what they offered in the Career Accelerator Programme was exactly what I was looking for.

It effectively helps in identifying your strengths and unique qualities and provides valuable resources and advice for every step in the job-hunting process.

It was helpful for me to secure a new position as a Data Scientist.

I highly recommend the Data Science Accelerator Programme to anyone who is looking to start a career in data science or progress to the next level in their career. "

- Sina (Data Scientist )

"The Career Accelerator Programme is a well-structured program covering all aspects of job search; as an immigrant I had little knowledge about the Canadian job market, the information that took me several months to obtain they provide in just a few weeks.

I received great advice and prompt support while I was interviewing for a role that I had found.  The provided resources are extremely helpful not only for now but also in the future. Everything that was shared and discussed was very informative, and the feedback, responsiveness, support from the team and their willingness to help have been great.

I would strongly recommend the program especially to newcomers to learn about the ML/DS opportunities in Canada."

- Hossein (Computational Scientist)


Freya is very attentive and transparent. Her service is outstanding.

She was very precise and gave me great insights on the interview process, the salary expectations, how to underline the skills that are relevant to the job application.

She has also helped my friend with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

Again... Excellent! "

- Antonia (Data Scientist)

"I found Freya very knowledgeable about the AI industry, she was easily able to understand what type of position I was looking for and able to provide the right connection to a job that was the right fit.

She was very easy to communicate with and efficiently coordinated interviews on short notice. Freya was always on top of communication throughout the process - from submitting my resume, to getting feedback from interviews and finally finalizing an offer.

I would highly recommend Freya to anyone within the AI industry, I had a very pleasant experience working with her!"

- Nicole (Applied Scientist)

"Freya was extremely patient and helpful when helping me finding a job in Canada.

She carefully looked up my resume, provided insights and stood by my side throughout the good and bad.

I’m very grateful for what she has done for me.

- Shengnan (Deep Learning Engineer)

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She supports the tech talent toolbox arm of Reflection X where she is coaching technologists to achieve their full potential.
With over 10 years of experience within the Tech and AI recruitment space, Freya has been from working closely with thousands individuals and leaders during hiring processes while partnering with very early stage start-ups all the way to some of the top AI Labs in the world.